Veterinary Outreach

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Veterinary Outreach was established in 1990 by Dr. Sue Chan on a commitment to the application of veterinary medicine for the improvement of the quality of life for both animals and people in our diverse communities.With respect to animal health, our focus is on the promotion of:

  • Preventive measures of disease control through outreach services & public policy
  • Appropriate research design & reporting of results for more valuable contributions to veterinary and animal health knowledge
  • Distribution of information at both technical and lay levels
  • Responsible animal ownership and the increased understanding of animal health through educational programs
  • Increase veterinary participation & visibility in our communities.

We also feel that animals fill a special need for people, so by helping animals, we help people, too.   In our observation, the vast majority of people truly care about their animals and many cases of “animal abuse” are simply due to lack of information and education.  Therefore, in support of a positive human-animal relationship, we strive to educate people on proper interactions and care of their animals which will be beneficial to both the animals and their owners.

Books on Trust-based Training and Animal-assisted Therapy are due to be released in 2017.


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